Did my WICTIP access data change?

Yes, the new login name is now the e-mail address you used to register with WICTIP. Your password has not changed.

 I cannot login any more. What can I do?

You can create a new account by using the link: „Register here“.
Your new access data will be sent immediately to you per e-mail and you can change your access data yourself after your first login.

How can I have my access rights extended?

Please get in contact with your consultant or write to

Where do I find the latest customer information?

You will find the newest customer information on the home page under the „New“ tile.

Which documents can I download?

You will find in the menu „Documents“ under „Document type“ all the documents available for download.
Use the full text search to display results regardless of the document type.

How do I get article information out of the product range or the workshop manual?

In the menu item „Article“ under the field „Search by article number“, you can display all articles information.
Here you can also get, among other things, the search results from the product range and the workshop manual with the possibility to display as preview the relevant documentation page and download it as pdf format.

For that you need extended user rights.

The Uw-Value Calculation is not displayed?

Please install or update the Adobe Flash Player to the last release.

Which browsers are officially supported?

We support all current browsers such as Chrome, Edge, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and Safari. When using Beta or developper versions, an unrestricted use cannot be guaranteed.
Here you can test your browsers: https://whatbrowser.org/
Please update them as required.



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